Updated: Where to Get Apple Discounts

Bonus: Apple Deal of the Day at Bottom of Page

TLDR; Amazon, B&H, Target, dealnews.com

Ever since Amazon became an Apple authorized reseller, I’ve seen some of the best discounts coming from them. The benefits of buying from Apple authorized resellers can’t be understated (subject of future post). As you can imagine, they must buy in huge quantity and be able to discount significantly. A recent example of that was Apple Watch Series 3 for $199 $189 (at the Apple Store its $279 $199)

B&H Photo out of NY is good, especially since you pay no tax. For the last few years, around fall, they seem to have significant discounts on iPads. Target will usually have good discounts on iPads in the fall as well, but you’ll have to pay tax. Usually it’s the less popular colors for example.

If you need some specific item fairly quickly and can’t wait for the sales, I’d start by checking dealnews.com – they keep a close eye on all the best sales.

Last note, iPhones, ah yes, the phone we sometimes can’t afford but can’t live without. Sorry – rare to no discounts there; unless you are opening a new account or new line at a major wireless carrier, you’re not likely to find a discount on current generation iPhones. The Apple Store, to the best of my knowledge has never offered discounts on iPhones.

If you really, really need a cheap iPhone, and want to get a the full Apple guarantee, the best way is to buy refurbished directly from the Apple Store online, since it includes the same as new 1 year guarantee, and you can add AppleCare+ for extended coverage and accidental damage coverage.

Bottom line is check Amazon first, then deal sites such as my personal favorite dealnews.com, and then stick with Apple authorized resellers, full list here: locate.apple.com.

*** For Apple products and other deals, check out my regularly updated deals page here:

You get a bonus, I get a bonus:

Ongoing $10 cash back when you sign up for Rakuten, a great marketplace to get deals on Apple products – hit the link and sign up here: Rakuten


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