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  • This is why you should wait to buy new Apple devices…

    This is why you should wait to buy new Apple devices…

    This article ( is an excellent reminder on why timing is everything when it comes to purchasing new Apple devices.

  • Google Pixel Watch Concept

  • A ‘Pixel-Watch’?

    Follow up to yesterday’s post…this looks interesting:

  • Update on the Google + Fitbit Deal Just waiting for the next gen Fitbit devices after this goes through…will be interesting to see if they throw wearOS on these. Penny for your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below.

  • Pirate Ship!

    No, not as in ‘arrrr matey!’ but as in its a steal of a deal on shipping! I recently came across this “Free shipping software to access the cheapest USPS® shipping rates” after getting frustrated with trying to send packages online at a lower rate. True, you could use the USPS site to ship, but […]


  • Now Selling Direct From mcvtech!

    Recently updated my site to be able to skip Amazon, ebay, (fees!) and sell direct from my site to be able to provide better deals. I’ll regularly update this as I come across new products to sell.

  • mcvtech Latest Deals Page!

    aka Random Deals page update 6/8/21; this page has been seriously neglected…I promise an update is on the way! This is a good deal on Apple Watch Series 6 Sport, lowest price yet…Apple Watch 6 Sport on Amazon Wyze Band fitness band with alexa, now back in stock for $24.99 Airpods; cheaper than at the […]

  • Working Remotely? Use a VPN? You Should Be…

    TLDR; Secure your connection: use a VPN. If you’re not already using a VPN, there are a ton of good reasons to start. Personally I wouldn’t even consider connecting to a public network without a VPN, and even on a secure home or business network there are still good reasons to use one. Rather […]

  • Apple Stores Closed Worldwide. says all stores worldwide are closed “until further notice“. However, for many this may signal the beginning of the end. Apple, unlike many other retail stores in malls, are well positioned to move to an online only company. For years now there stores have really been like a show room, and with malls closing […]

  • Wired Magazine States Python is More Popular Than Ever…

    Interesting read: