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  • This is why you should wait to buy new Apple devices…

    This is why you should wait to buy new Apple devices…

    This article ( is an excellent reminder on why timing is everything when it comes to purchasing new Apple devices.

  • Apple Watch 6 vs Apple Watch SE…What’s the difference?

    Apple Watch 6 vs Apple Watch SE…What’s the difference?

    In keeping with my site mission to get straight to the point, I’ve copied in the “vs” page spec’s straight from Apple’s website.

  • iPhone and Privacy…

  • Apple Lining Up Periscope Telephoto Lens Suppliers for 2022 iPhone – MacRumors

    Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo today released a new report detailing his research on which lens suppliers will begin providing parts for Apple in the… — Read on

  • Addendum to the iFixit Repair Guide for 21.5″ iMacs

    iMac Intel 21.5″ EMC 2544 Upgrade I recently bought a late 2012 iMac with a broken screen at a very *low* price and gradually collected parts, upgrades to make this a little project machine. Over the past weekend I used the iFixit guide to do the teardown and replace the CPU, memory, hdd to ssd, […]


  • Watch the Making of Gold Airpods

    I do not own a pair of AirPods, not to mention a pair of gold AirPods…but this is incredibly satisfying to watch. A real craftsman at work. ⬇️

  • Updated: Where to Get Apple Discounts

    Bonus: Apple Deal of the Day at Bottom of Page TLDR; Amazon, B&H, Target, Ever since Amazon became an Apple authorized reseller, I’ve seen some of the best discounts coming from them. The benefits of buying from Apple authorized resellers can’t be understated (subject of future post). As you can imagine, they must buy […]

  • How to get TextEdit to open new document, not iCloud Drive folder

    Ok, so pretty basic here, but just wanted TextEdit to open a new document instead of directing me to the iCloud Drive folder (like it used to before). These are the steps (see screenshot): Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive Options button uncheck TextEdit. Quit TextEdit. Open TextEdit, Voila! Now it […]