Old Technology Still in Use…

What is it about visiting a train museum that makes you feel like a little kid again? Likely it’s the colossal size of the machines, but it really is a lot of fun to step inside and feel like you’re visiting the past.

This was my experience when, finally, at my father’s repeated encouragement, I visited the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento and was not disappointed.

Among many other things I was impressed to see this monster:

Photo copyright Michael C. Verd, Processed with Focos

A 1920’s rotary snowplow that was still in use into the early 2000’s, but, if I understood right is still very much the type of blade in use to plow through mountains of snow even today.

Would you believe this was even converted to electric all the way back in 1958? Check out the museum’s website article on the exhibit: Historic 1920s Rotary Snowplow & Dynamic “White Out! A Collision Course with Nature” Exhibit On Display for a Limited Time at the Railroad Museum


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